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Every project starts the same way and that involves listening👂 and learning. Tell me everything... well not everything, but let's get to know each other.

For almost a decade I've partnered with clients to help them more effectively communicate with their audiences through thoughtful design. Whether you are a large or small business I'm here to help you reach your goals.

how i can help

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UI/UX Design
How your customers interacts with your product in the digital space is important. It can affect sales, engagement, and whether or not they will return. Your website or app doesn’t just need to look good, it also needs to be easy to use. I help make those complicated concepts simple, unique, and beautiful so your customers keep coming back.
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Design Auditing
Some people call it OCD. I call it consistency. Effective design will be easy to use, consistent in design, and will engage the end user. I look for pain points throughout your design and put together insight on how to address them. 
User testing
Design analysis
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Brand Identity
Branding is more than a logo, it's a perception. Colors, fonts, messaging, photography, and yes, of course your logo all play into how your company is viewed in the world. I will work with you to create a brand that captures your story, informs your audience, and looks real nice on a t-shirt. The rest... is up to you.
Logo Design
Brand Research
Brand guides
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Graphic Design
Design matters, plain and simple. When something looks good you get a certain feeling. Wether you need a t-shirt design, album cover, graphics for an upcoming marketing campaign, icons for your website, or a menu for your restaurant, let's spread the feels and make them look beautiful.
ui / ux — branding — design — web — illustration — icons
ui / ux — branding — design — web — illustration — icons

trust the process

Working through design discovery can often feel like walking down a never-ending hallway of options, that is why it is such an important part of the process. Every project offers the opportunity to gain insight into your business and the discovery process helps us narrow our focus.
From design discovery to design execution, here is where we take our research and turn it into tasty visual designs that hopefully capture your brand voice and work toward your project goals.
Having a design go through revisions is part of the design process, and receiving constructive feedback can often times take the design to the next level! Collaboration is key to building a well rounded and unique design, so this is where you let your voice be heard as we work to fine tune the design.
There is a lot that goes into wrapping a project up like organizing design files, saving out logo variations, cleaning up layouts and more. We make sure that you are prepared to move forward with your new brand, or website. After weeks, months or even years, it's finally time to smash that launch button.

How'd I do?

Here are some testimonials from some of the awesome people i've worked with.

I had the chance to work with Adam to do a complete brand refresh and new website for my marketing company. From the beginning, Adam was really easy to work with and was able to translate my rough idea of what I wanted into an actual beautiful design and website. I am so, so happy with the final product. Adam has a really great eye for design, is quick to respond to emails, and has made our brand and website feel so fresh and modern. I would absolutely recommend his services!

Pie Hole Marketing mouth logo

Marco Rios

Pie Hole Marketing

"Adam is awesome! Very professional and talented. He has a unique system to guide each client through the creative process. He created the perfect design and branding for our new construction start up."

Legacy Made client logo

Jason Dildine

Legacy Made

"...I wanted a more elevated, timeless and professional look. Adam was very receptive to what I was going for. I trusted his process and we ended with a final design that I am super happy with! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the next level of their image. Keep up the great work Adam!"

Alt Route Meals client logo

Hope Westall

alt route meals

"Highly Recommend Adam!  He did an amazing job with our designs  and is gifted in explaining his train of thought and overall vision for the project.  He nailed every timeline we set and we could not be happier with the results. Look no further than adammade."

Matt Henley

Self Walk

"Worked with Adammade on a new website. Adam's design chops are legit, and he was great to work with throughout the process. He's now my go-to design professional."

Library X logo

Janelle Milodragovich

library x

"Adam was amazing to work with. He was very patient and professional with me. I am a difficult person to work with too!"

Ramble On Design client logo

Suzanne Foster

Ramble on Design

"It was great working with Adam! He came to our place, sat down with us, helped us brainstorm a few ideas, then made the magic happen. Loved the design he came up with for us and we've been able to use it on a variety of mediums (shirts, stickers, etc.) Highly recommend this guy!"

Mayfly client logo

Jacob Carter

MAyfly Coffee


How much do your services cost?
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Well it depends. There are a lot of factors that go into pricing a project including: what services you are looking for? Are you needing a 3 page website designed or a 50 page website? Do you want a simple brand with only one logo or one with twelve variations? When are you needing the project completed by? etc. If you would like to discuss pricing further I will need some more information from you. Fill out our quick project inquire here.

What is your typical design process?
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Every project starts with a conversation. In doing so I will gain insight into who you are, what your goals are, and your specific project needs. I will then spend some time researching and exploring your industry, looking at competitors, and finding general inspiration (depending on the size of your project this could be a simple or fairly detailed step). From here the process can vary based on which services you are needing, but generally I present you with concepts, make revisions if needed, and package up all of your completed designs.

How long will my project take?
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There are a lot of factors that can effect a project timeline. For most branding projects I estimate around 1-2 months from when we officially start the project. Website designs are a bit harder to estimate because the scale can be so drastically different.

I'd like to work with you. What do you need from me to get my project started?
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All projects, except for hourly work, require a 50% upfront deposit for the total project cost. This is to insure that both parties are committed to working together. I will also send over a contract for us both to sign. Once all the business stuff is behind us we can get started on the fun stuff.


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